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Municipal Clerk/Administrator
Janet Pizzi: Municipal Clerk/Administrator
856 848-2832 ext. 10

The Municipal Clerk is the custodian of all minutes, ordinances, resolutions, contracts, deeds and archival records of the municipality. The Clerk also serves as Secretary to the Governing Body, prepares meeting agendas, attends all meetings of Mayor and Council and documents the minutes of every meeting. The Municipal Clerk’s office issues various licenses and permits such as food, liquor, raffle and street opening. The Clerk’s office provides general information to the public

The Municipal Clerk serves as Secretary to the Board of Health and issues dog licenses and host an annual rabies clinic in January.

The Municipal Clerk also serves as the Registrar of Vital Statistics for birth, death, marriage, civil union, and domestic partnership. Applications for marriage, civil union, and domestic partnership are by appointment only.

The Clerk is the Chief Elections Officer in all elections held in the Borough and the Chief Registrar of the Voters in the Borough of Woodbury Heights.

Tax Collector / Finance
Vikki Holmstrom: Chief Financial Officer/Tax Collector/Qualified Purchasing Agent
856 848-2832 ext 14
Shannon Elton: Principal Utilities Clerk/Deputy Tax Collector
856-848-9367 ext 16

Tax Payment Schedule

Water / Sewer
Shannon Elton: Diversified Utility and Payroll Clerk
856 848-2832 ext. 16

Water and Sewer is billed quarterly.
Water is based on consumption.
Water & Sewer Payment Schedule

Tax Assessor
Tax Assessment is handled through Gloucester County

Contact Information:
Monday to Friday 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM
Gloucester County Office of Assessment
Clayton Complex, Bldg. A
1200 N. Delsea Drive
Clayton, NJ 08312
Phone: 856-307-6445 Fax: 856-307-6447

Tuesday By Appointment Only
Gloucester County Office of Assessment “Satelite”
115 Budd Boulevard (Office # ED-2)
Phone: 856-384-6931 Fax: 856-307-6447

Effective 8-1-16 Satellite Location:  Budd Boulevard will no longer be staffed by County Assessment Office.  It will be available by appointment only, please call 856-307-6445 for any County Assessing questions or to make an appointment.

Account Clerk
Jolyn Gregoria: Account Clerk/Deputy Borough Clerk
856 848-2832 ext. 38

Borough Solicitor
Brian Lozuke

Borough Engineer
Mark Brunermer

Vital Statistics
Borough of Woodbury Heights
500 Elm Avenue, Woodbury Heights, NJ 08097
Tel.#: 856-848-2832

Registrar of Vital Statistics: Janet Pizzi, CMR
Deputy Registrar of Vital Statistics: Jolyn Gregoria, CMR
Alternate Registrar of Vital Statistics: Vikki Holmstrom, CMR

Applications for Marriage, Civil Union or Domestic Partnership by appointment only.

Public Works
Paul Pheasant, Principal Public Works Manager
856 848-2832 ext 35
Streets & Roads: 856 848-2832

Water & Sewer (Emergency)
Daytime (6:30A.M-2:30 P.M.) – 856 848-2832
Nights/Weekends- 856 589-0911


Public Works Services Provided

1.) Brush collection
grass clippings
other yard waste

2.) Collection of solid waste and recycling

3.) Tree cutting, trimming and removal of hazardous trees located on Borough owned property

4.) Snow removal

5.) General maintenance of all public building and grounds

6.) Fire hydrant replacement and repairs

7.) Water main repairs

8.) Treatment and testing of water supply

9.) Sign installation and maintenance

10.) Maintenance and repairs of Borough roadways